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(formerly letoist).
Lauren. 19. dreamer.

» i'm super chill.
» i live to make people laugh.
» i'm severely socially awkward. it's pretty ugly.
» i have this bizarre condition where i hate myself but i still think i'm better than everyone else.
» i'm so lazy i worry that it'll come between me and my ambitions.
» i spend most of my day with my head in the clouds.

Current Fandom.
My Chemical Romance, bandom.
Supernatural; The Big Bang Theory; Family Guy; Friends; True Blood.
My Chemical Romance; Nirvana; Porcelain Black; The Pretty Reckless; Cold; Fall Out Boy; Shinedown; Seether; Katy Perry; Ellie Goulding; Lady Gaga; Sleeping with Sirens; Paramore; Green Day; Three Days Grace.
Mikey Way; Frank Iero; Kurt Cobain; Gerard Way; Pete Wentz; Porcelain Black; Megan Fox; Kaley Cuoco.
OTP: Frank/Gerard.
Bandom. Frank/Gerard; Bob/Gerard; Mikey/Pete; Bob/Frank; Mikey/Ray; Bob/Ray; Bob/Brian.
Supernatural. Sam/Dean; Sam/Castiel.
The Big Bang Theory. Leonard/Penny; Sheldon/Amy; Howard/Bernadette.
The Hunger Games. Katniss/Peeta.
Friends. Chandler/Monica; Chandler/Rachel; Phoebe/Mike.
True Blood. Eric/Sookie; Eric/Sam; Pam/Jessica.
Crackships/Cross-overs. Gerard Way/Gabe Saporta; Eric Northman/Sam Winchester.
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