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bbb | art | calling me home (frank/gerard)

Frank & Gerard done for daniomalley22's fic, The Boy with the Bread, at BBB! I just about peed myself when I saw the summary for this fic during claims. I couldn't believe that a Hunger games crossover hadn't already been snagged, so I'm so happy that I got it. Be sure to go read the fic and drop her a line! It's absolutely fantastic.

So it's pretty messy looking, which is something I'm pretty happy about. I have this tendency to sweat over minute details, which isn't entirely a bad thing, but it gets pretty stressful for me. XD The whole process was vastly different than the way I usually go about digital paintings and it's thanks to that that you can actually tell they are in a cave. Dynamic lighting is my achilles heel, but I have to say I'm thrilled with the lighting.

Title from Ellie Goulding's "Lights."
Tags: !art, #public, book: the hunger games, lj: bigbang, music: my chemical romance, ship: frank/gerard
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